The blue lotus flower is a sacred flower that has been used for centuries in different cultures for its medicinal properties.

sacred and ancient

Sacred to the ancient Egyptians, the blue lotus flower can be found in the Nile River and other parts of Africa. The petals of the flower have been used to make tea, infuse in wine, and for smoking. The flower's properties are said to improve mental clarity, creativity, and induce astral dreaming. Blue Lotus is also said to be a relaxant and help with anxiety and stress.


While THC can dampen the vibrance of your dreams or cause you to remembering your dreams altogether, CBD does not have this side effect. Once we stopped consuming THC, our Astral Traveler blend of CBD, Blue Lotus, and Lavender shot our dreams into outer space, and by keeping a dream journal next to our bed, traveling our dreams and learning to interperet them for use in our daily lives has become of on the most rewarding practices we use for self development and exploration.